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Innovative rotary table can be used to transfer components after injection by a robot. Operator put inserts on the rotary table, next it can be placed directly in injection mold. The correctness of injection is checked by the vision system. Access to dangerous zone is secured by the special safety curtain. Detail is placed by the robot in the separated base by the robot. The rotary table is equiped with HMI Panel which allows to switch alarm and parametrize the machine. A rotary part of table is equiped with magnetic safety tips, which can send a signal about correct location. It permits for robot’s work. While the table rotation, there is activ safety barrier which is located on robot’s side of table – safety barrier protects not only worker but also equipment from damage.There is also installed the magnetic clutch to signaling from detail basis what enable for 360o rotation. Both robot and human can work at their own rate, what not influence on assembly line efficiency. 


In case of accidental difference in process, the worker has more time to make full production cycle and there is no need for robot’s wait. Human’s and robot’s work is parallel. Thanks to the rotary table, production process can be safe because human don’t have direct access to robot’s zone. The time of production cycle is shorter in comparison to single assembly stations.